Commercial Insurance

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Insurance Lines

Commercial Property

Property insurance ensures the protection from any property loss. This includes when property is damaged, lost, or stolen, as well as indirect losses.

The protection of physical assets such as the building itself, equipment, furniture, inventory, business records, etc. are all included in your coverage.

General Liability

When other people make claims of injury or damage at your business, general liability protects you from these allegations.

A Business Owners Package combines your commercial insurance packages into a single policy. Including a Commercial Umbrella policy offers you additional protection, since lawsuits happen frequently and can be very pricey.

Business Auto

This covers any vehicle owned or leased by a business, which includes any trucks, trailers, and commercial vehicles. This coverage is available to corporations, associations, partners, or solo business owners.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation protects from any possible injury or disease that can occur while on the clock. Only accidental injuries are covered, and only job-related diseases will be covered. The four benefits included in workers compensation are medical, death, rehabilitation, and income.

Cyber Liability

When running a small or large business or non-profit organization, cyber liability will cover your systems and consumer data. We can keep your business protected against losses due to stolen digital hardware, viruses, and physical paper records from falling into the wrong hands.

Cyber liability also includes costs of legal defense, identifying frauds, and restoring records.


Mistakes can happen in any workplace setting, and, unfortunately, they can cost your business. If your client catches a mistake that you missed, they can refuse payment and file a lawsuit for damage.

Errors and omission insurance protects you from customers filing lawsuits for errors, which can lead to loss for the client. E&O includes coverage of both the business owner, and all paid employees.

Industry Specialties

Farm & Ranch

Modern farming has many more complexities than that of the past. Your policy covers machinery, farm homes, livestock, and weather risks to crops. We create coverage to fit your personal needs, and to protect what you care about the most.

Landlord Liability Insurance

Landlords are constantly at risk of facing potential lawsuits. Liability for landlords helps protect from having to pay medical expenses, legal defenses, and any other damage within policy limits.

Liquor Liability

When running a business that serves alcohol, there is always a risk of someone becoming too intoxicated and injuring themselves or others. Liquor liability insures your business against losses or allegations when intoxication and damage is involved.

Restaurant Insurance

You don’t need us to tell you there’s a lot of responsibility and risk that comes with running a restaurant. Restaurant insurance provides peace of mind by combining property insurance, workers’ compensation, general liability, auto insurance, and business interruption insurance into one convenient package.

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