3 Reasons to Expand Your Hull Insurance Limits

Managing large vessels requires quality insurance coverage, but you cannot stand pat or get complacent when attempting to cover these large and complex machines. You’re hauling freight and dealing with a multi-million dollar boat that simply cannot be replaced or repaired quickly. Accidents happen. What can you do? Your hull insurance limits must rise, and […]

Does Inland Marine Insurance Cover Rentals

When you manage a large dock, shipyard, or other marine/logistics business, it can be difficult to protect all the tools you use. In fact, you may rent quite a few machines or tools when needed—but you don’t purchase them because they’re: expensive, cumbersome, and not all that necessary. Look through the insights below to learn […]

How Does Inland Marine Insurance Support Dockside Construction Projects?

You might not consider dockside construction projects to be either common or necessary, but they may be necessary. When you are managing a massive logistics enterprise, you may need to create a better workspace at the dock or in your facility which sits near the water. How does inland marine insurance support these projects, and […]

How Does P&I Cover Cargo?

When you work in the marine industry, you might use P&I insurance to protect the vessels with which you work. They’re big, expensive, difficult to repair, even harder to salvage, and you need proper coverage. But, what do you do about the cargo on those vessels? Is there cargo insurance on the market that can […]