Japanese Temple and NPOs

Japanese Temple & Non-Profit Organization Program

One policy. One premium.

We provide the simplest way to ensure wholesome coverage, including property, liability, and any other necessary coverage for additional protection.

Property Insurance

Protects personal property and building interest within the policy limits.

Building Insurance

Building insurance includes replacement cost or cash value, maintenance and services of the building (including fire extinguishers, appliances, etc.).

Business Personal Property Insurance

Included is liability for visitor’s property in the temple’s keeping, arrangement according to Yen exchange rate, and the temple’s land and belongings within 100 ft of the building.

Liability Insurance

Our goal is keeping the temple protected from any legal obligation and medical expenses, regardless of fault.

Business Liability Insurance

Protects temples from property damage, bodily injury, products and operations, personal and advertising injury, tenant’s liability, and defense costs.

Additional Insurance

Additional coverages for more protection.

• Liquor Legal Liability
• Pastoral Professional Liability
• Non-Owned and Hired Automobile
• Temple Members, Officers, Volunteers
• Abuse and Molestation
• Sports Participants

Optional Insurance
We offer a variety of additional coverages to ensure full protection.

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